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The Junior Bike Camp was very fun. The kids learnt lots of new things with Jordi and Conor such as new riding technics and some bike mechanics. Here is their view of the week written all in english!! hope you enjoy:


Alex Albors:

“During this week I’ve really improved on my bicycle skills and my english. We travelled around La Cerdanya, climbing and descending hills. It’s been hard but really satisfactory. We also hiked Puigpedrós mountain. It has generally been a nice week”


Alex Verdú:

“On this week we’ve done a lot of thinks around La Cerdanya in Paths and mountains.
Monday: We rode a race
Tuesday: We’ve hiking Puigcerdà.
Wednesday: We rode a long route with the bike
Thursday: We were in La Tour De Carol, France.
Friday: We were in Pla de les Forques, and we climbed a long hill.
Saturday: We rode a race and we went to El Refugi de la Feixa, and we done a down hill.”


Guillem Gené:

“this week was a little hard, funny and tired.
Sunday: I ride my bike and I met my new friends.
Monday: We done an orienteering race with Conor and Jordi
Tuesday: All group: Adventure, Bike, Horse riding and hiking in Puigpedrós (2.915 m).
Wednesday: We went to a Romanesque Route and when we finished I was very tired.
Thursday: We went to France, swam in a river and then, ¡Up Guils!, It was very difficult.
Friday: We rode 8 km, but it was very easy.”


Ares Piqué:

“In this week, we have done a lot of routes around the Cerdanya, and one day in France. We have done the Puigpedrós Mountain too, 2.915 meters of altitude!! We were very tired. In some afternoons, we have done Services Fontanera and mechanics workshops. We had an enjoyable week and a very tiring week too!!


Max Nieva:

“This week, we’ve gone around Cerdanya. The first day, we did an orientation course, and one day after we went through Cerdanya. On Tuesday, we went hiking Puigpedrós. On Wednesday we went to Guils to a refugee on bike”

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