a week

Discover The Cerdanya Valley by doing orientation, canyoning, trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and community service.

Get ready for a wild week in the Pyrenees. You are the main character of this adventure, where you will have to take decisions to overcome continuous challenges. Unforgettable scenarios, great activities and awesome experiences. Are you in?



  • 27 JUN

    3 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 4 JUL

    10 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 0 spots
  • 11 JUL

    17 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 0 spots
  • 18 JUL

    24 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 4 spots
  • 25 JUL

    31 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 24 spots

The leader of the Wild Adventure Camp is Èlia Bonada, who has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. And the instructors are Stanley Nutter from London and Conor Nally from Edimburg.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

Welcomings at 1,900 meters high between pine trees are always special. It’s mid-afternoon and the camp’s parking lot starts to fill in no time at all. The families start to unload the bicycles, helmets, enormous backpacks… and the gears start to turn. The majority will be here for a week, the more daring will be here for two in two different camps. We get situated and place ourselves in groups, some of us already know each other from other summers and some from the winter. We know those who will be our instructors and we play games to know each other. The first shy smiles appear.

Day 2

First morning. Gushing energy. Even the sleepiest sleepyheads open their eyes will the first song of the birds. What’s the plan for today, Connor? asks someone from the sleeping bag. In the morning the orientation run through the surroundings of the campsite, and in the afternoon Community Service: the benches need a little painting and in Arànser we’ll give a hand with the henhouse. After having dinner, night gymkhana (field day). Careful, it’s cold! Jacket zipped up tight!

Day 3

How hungry! And what a luxury to fill our bellies enjoying the woods, bare footed and with the sun warming up our faces. There is breakfast for every taste; cereal, cold cuts (ham, turkey…), jam, juice, chocolate, fruit, bread, milk… Today is Btt day, some bring their own bikes from home, others rent them at the camp. Once everybody is ready, let’s ride downhill! We arrive at Martinet and follow the Segre river along till the Hípica de Prats: bridges, cows, mud and nettles… How about a quick swim before lunch? But let’s not relax too much, we still need to go back… We will ride a total of 25 kilometres on two wheels! In the afternoon our legs will beg for a break, a nice horse ride will suit us.

Day 4

The day of getting up early. Today Wild Adventure, Aventura Jr., Minairons, Equitación and Bike are going to Estanys de la Pera. The brave ones have a dip in the lake to relieve themselves of the heat and after we continue our ascent to Perafita’s peak (2,752 meters). From there we jump to Andorra. What trekking we have today! In the free shelter of Claror everyone organizes themselves: stove, soups, that someone purify the water, who has bread? And the night falls while we play Wolf, we share secrets and see so many stars that it’s too much to handle.

Day 5

Breakfast time! We free ourselves also from the weight of our backpacks. Our legs will thank us for it… We pick up our bags and follow on the GR-11 trail until Refugi de Prat Miró and from there to the campsite. In total a hike of two days with 28 kilometers and 1,400 meters of accumulated incline: for some the best experience of las Colònies Estiu Pyrene. Today all of us are thinking about a hot shower. Prepare the solar panels! And at night the camp terrace will turn into an outdoor cinema.

Day 6

We all know that today we will descend el Barranc de La Vansa. It’s the star day! Despite it being the middle of summer, the water is really old, thankfully we have the wetsuits. We spend the morning soaking wet taking leaps, submerging ourselves and going down the natural slide. A unique adventure that very few have lived before. At midday hunger tightens. We devour the pasta salad and fried chicken under the shade of the trees of Parc del Segre in La Seu d´Urgell. In the afternoon we visit the Romanesque cathedral and the old town while we have an ice cream.

Day 7

Today all of the camps share our last moments together. We put ourselves into groups and we do an adventure raid where it will be necessary to put many of our abilities to the test: archery, orientation, BTT… After lunch the families start to arrive. Moments of hugs, tears, and exchanges of telephone numbers. Some stay another week and continue the adventure, others will remember it at home reading the blog posts with siblings and friends. Until next summer!