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The Big Bike is certainly one of the most requested camps within Pyrene. With a cost of €420 for an amazing week of pedaling, few teenagers resist this unique experience. A total of 7 days where the Kings of the House can enjoy the incredible views of the Cerdanya and the Pyrenees with other children of his age. In addition to this week of nature and mountain bikes to the brim, you can learn English.

If you want to sign up for this unique experience, you’re still on time. As there are places from June 24th to 30th for young people (from 14 to 17) and junior (from 10 to 13). From 15 to 21 July for young people (only 3 seats). And from July 22nd to 28th for junior.

And to make the most of this experience, camp Pyrene monitors have wanted to offer you the following Turks for long mountain bike routes. Notes! They’ll come from pearls on this getaway.

The best tips to tackle long routes with mountain bikes

Don’t run out of anything else start

It is normal, when we start a route that excites us, that we start to pedal as if we were taking the demons. But you have to be cautious to get to the end. If you want to take the whole route the most convenient is that first warm, and then pedal gently. Do not crowd trying to reach the rest of your teammates if you stay behind. It is important that you follow your pace so as not to run out of air within a few kilometres of the route.

The importance of breakfast

Whenever we go on a meaningful route, whether on a bike, walking or running, it is important to take a breakfast full of energy. The greater the variety, the better. It is the perfect time to opt for one of those fatty breakfasts that both remember the holidays. If you can give the fried eggs, the bacon to the milk and the fruit. Don’t forget the bread in this mixture. Remember that we will begin to spend these energies as soon as we get on the bike.

Eat and drink often from the beginning

In Pyrene we will prepare some great picnics for each one of these days of route. We will stop in the middle of the road to enjoy nature and replenish strength. However we should not be without eating or drinking anything all the way. Think that just start we will start to deplete our accumulated energies. Hence we should drink to small sips and take snacks whenever we can. This way we won’t run out of time.

See alternating position

If we maintain the same position and cadence of pedaling throughout the journey, we will end up agotándonos ahead of time. In fact halfway through the road and it will hurt everything and we may not be able to make the return with dignity. go changing the cadence, the seat position and the hands. This way you will use all the muscle groups and not only carry a few. If there are many slopes we advise you to go up intermittently sitting and standing.

Protection is very important

Sometimes we think we should just protect ourselves against the wind and the cold. But nothing farther from reality. In the mountain The sun is very powerful and can end up damaging. From causing burns to the skin to leave our eyes a little sore. That is why we must protect ourselves adequately against time. Whether it’s good or bad. As the Bike camps are organized in summer, the best thing is to do with good sunglasses and high sun protection. Remember to ask your parents for breathable clothes so that the skin doesn’t get wet and you end up going cold. You can use zippered jerseys that you can open or close to ventilate even better.

In Decathlon Sport shops you will find everything you need for your adventure on wheels.

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