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Summer is coming and more and more kids are dreaming of spending a few weeks at an outdoor summer camp. This is the case of the campamento Pyrene, which has 6 different camps and a lot of activities for the more adventurous in the house. From June 24th to July 28th your parents will be able to book a place for you to run amazing adventures and make new friends.

Among some of the activities that can be done in the Pyrene camp is the trekking inside the package Adventure Jr or Wild Adventure. That’s why the club experts wanted to write an article where you learn everything you need to know about trekking for beginners. Would you like to be on the cutting edge of the sport? In that case, keep reading.

All you need to know about trekking for beginners

Hiking or trekking is a very complete activity that allows us to enjoy nature regardless of our age. However, there are certain doubts that may arise when we begin to practice this sport. For example, how to avoid blisters on our feet. Which backpack is the most suitable or how to take care of our hygiene. In this space we are going to offer you some basic tricks to make your first contact with trekking unforgettable.

Clothes, breathable

You may not have thought about it or it may seem obvious. But clothing is one of the best complements that we should choose for trekking. This should be breathable so that we sweat less and feel more comfortable while walking. In addition to making sure you choose fabrics that won’t leave you cold when they dry, it’s also interesting that they are lightweight.


Socks are just as important as socks. We recommend that you tell your parents to buy you a few socks seamless to avoid damaging your feet. If you’re going to have a short gait you can manage with almost any sock. However, if it is longer than hours and you even spend the night outside, it is better to have no seams. This type of sock will also prevent blisters from appearing and you will not be able to keep walking.

Shoes, suitable

We can’t just go for a walk in the bush in any slipper we wear throughout the year. The best thing to do if you are starting out in this sport is to choose trekking shoes. Ideal to start with short walks and that will help you to advance on asphalt and also on land. This type of footwear fits very well on all types of surfaces and will prevent blisters from appearing due to rubbing.

Always carry petroleum jelly

If despite all these tips you are afraid that the blisters will end up on your feet, there is no better remedy than neutral Vaseline. Yes, you have read it right! Vaseline. Just put a good coat over your entire foot before putting on your socks to prevent them from appearing. Insist well on the heel, between the toes and on the soles of the feet. These are the areas that suffer most when we walk and the foot starts to get too hot. You can buy it at any pharmacy.

The ideal backpack

> The ideal backpack
If you go to a store to buy backpacks for trekking we are sure that you can go crazy with all the options in terms of liters and features. If your trekking break is for a weekend the ideal size is 30 litres. Here you can enter everything you need for hiking. In case the trip is only for one day and not for the whole weekend, bet on a small backpack. For example, a hiking trip. Remember that:


  • You should put the things that can get wet down. Like clothes, a towel or a sleeping bag, for example.
  • Do not carry weight you don’t need. You don’t need to take your hair conditioner or moisturizer with you. As for water, choose a bottle rather than a very heavy bottle. And always, always, always, always do without everything you weigh and don’t need.
  • The position of the backpack must be perfect. In other words, your hip should be the end point where your backpack rests. No more carrying it around up your ass because then your back will hurt.


The rhythm

Even if you feel like eating the world on your first getaway, don’t get ahead of yourself! Maintain a rhythm that allows you to make the journey and return without having to do it with your tongue out. This way you will enjoy the experience and repeat it over and over again.

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