a week

Reach a peak every day!!

Fly high and reach 7 peaks in 7 days: from the Sustainable Campsite at Fontanera we’ll start the trek which will lead us to iconic peaks in la Cerdanya and neighbouring regions: Puigpedrós, Bony Manyer, Carlit, Peric, Coma d’Or, Puigmal, Tossa Plana de Lles, Perafita or Pedraforca.

We will have access to transportation to facilitate some of the trips. We’ll sleep away from the campsite for 3 nights in mountain huts, shepherd’s cabins, tents and, if the weather allows it, we’ll sleep under the stars.



  • 28 JUN

    4 JUL
  • 5 JUL

    11 JUL
  • 12 JUL

    18 JUL
  • 19 JUL

    25 AGO
  • 440€
    availability: 15 spots
  • 26 JUL

    1 AGO
  • 440€
    availability: 14 spots

The Trekking 7×7 camp leaders are Toni Masegosa, who’s medium mountain range Technician, and Èlia Bonada, who’s a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Together will make the challenge possible.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

We pick up some from the Puigcerdà that come in train. Other arrive to the camp by car with their families. All carry a huge backpack on their back and some good trekking boots. The campers of Travesía are unmistakable. We break ourselves into groups and do dynamics to get to know each other better and the first shy smiles appear. We prepare our backpacks for the first stage and between ourselves we decide what we will take with us and how we will distribute ourselves. We review utensils, weather forecasts, and the route. The group gets itself together.

Day 2

The night is short, our nerves don’t let us sleep anymore and we get up with the first rays of sunshine. Today we have breakfast with enthusiasm: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juice, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, and milk…The first stage of Travesía 7×7 camp starts in Eina where we arrive in van and jeep. We walk to el Pic d’Eina (2,788 meters), el Pic de Noufonts (2,860 meters), and following along the GR-11 we reach el Cim de Noucreus (2,796 meters) and el Pic de la Fossa del Gegant (2,807 meters). We spend the night in a comfortable shepherd’s cabin.

Day 3

The legs and hips start to note a little soreness. We use the first Compeeds (wearing new mountain boots isn’t a very good idea…). We have breakfast together like we have known each other our whole lives in spite of not having spent two days together, but that’s what that intensity of nature does. We pick up everything as if no one had been there before. We also carry a glass bottle that was already in the cabin. The stage through la Vall de Coma de Vaca is quite brief. Upon arriving to the shelter we have lunch and in the afternoon we play and do dynamics with complicity. At night the mattress and the heat make us fall into our beds exhausted in a question of seconds.

Day 4

The weather follows the forecast: the day starts fresh but as it goes along, the heat becomes more clear. Today we finish the first stage of the journey. We have breakfast and we hike down the mountain passing through las Gorges del Freser. At midday we arrive at Ribes where we eat and rest a little. The three o’clock train carries us to Puigcerdà and we arrive in van and jeep to the campsite. A good hot water shower is what we need. Tonight we have dinner with the other groups. After, we have a movie under the moonlight.

Day 5

Few have slept before in a bunk beds in a tent 1,900 meters high. One sleeps luxuriously after the more than 40 kilometers that their legs have accumulated. At mid-morning we descend Puigcerdà to buy the food that we will need for the second stage. We have lunch at the campsite and after, with our backpacks on our shoulders, we take the GR-11. We pass by e Refugi de la Feixa and also el Refugi de Malniu. There we follow along the valley until we arrive at the unguarded shelter of Folch i Girona, in Engorgs, a lovely place to pass the night covered.

Day 6

There’s only a little bit left until the adventure ends. We resume our hike and in la Cabana dels Esparvers we connect to the GR-11 until arriving to la Portella. We find ourselves in the vertex between three countries: Catalonia, Andorra, and France. The descent carries us to el Estany Gros. In the afternoon, the Travesía 7×7 Junior campers do a survival workshop and construct what will be their bed tonight. The Travesía Junior campers, despite having a shepherd’s cabin nearby, decide to take advantage of the clear night to camp in their sleeping bags under the stars.

Day 7

It’s the last day and the exhaustion, the desire to get back to the campsite, and the wish for this adventure to never end all mix together. We descend until arriving to the village of Porta once again following the winding Vall de Campcardós. Once there, we get in vans and jeeps that carry us to Guils Fontanera. Goal accomplished. Again at the campsite we enjoy our last lunch with the rest of the groups. The final moments to get each other’s phone numbers and take pictures together. We’ll see each other next summer!