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The summer camp is about to start and the challenges begin before leaving home: packing. It is also a challenge for us, so here are some tips to make the packing operation smoother.

  • · On the page of each camp on the web you will find the packing list. You can download it and check that you have everything you need while you put it inside the suitcase.
  • · A common doubt is: what kind of suitcase do I have to take? Grab the most comfortable for you. You can come with a trolley bag, a duffel bag or a backpack. The luggage that completely open are very practical, since you can access what you need quickly.
  • · It is important to avoid brand new footwear during the camps. A shoe that we already have used and is comfortable for us will prevent blisters and sores on our feet.
  • · We recommend wearing synthetic or merino wool clothing and avoiding cotton.
  • · The material on the list is enough for the entire camp. You can also add what you miss, such as a hairbrush, deodorant, notebook, etc. If you go to Trekking 7×7 or Pyrene Explorer expedition, remember that you will have to carry the backpack throughout the route, so be careful with the weight!
  • · Check that the sleeping bag has the comfort temperature indicated in the list. It is summer, but in an altitud of 1,900m the nights can be cold. Feather sleeping bags compresses very well and you can easily carry them in your backpack. They are especially recommended if you are going to spend the night outside the camp, as is the case with Pyrene Explorer, Trekking 7×7 or Wild Adventure and Big Bike.
  • · A large cloth or plastic bag to put dirty clothes always comes in handy for the return trip.
  • · If you like to sleep with a pillow, you can bring it from home or you can use a sweater or a towel inside the sleeping bag cover.
  • · If you are missing something from the material, it is not necessary to buy it. You can use our rental service where you will find sleeping bags, insulating mats, backpacks, etc. We also have mountain bikes for the Bike Camp or for the Junior Adventure and Wild Adventure mountain bike activity.
  • · When choosing what to wear, think about comfort and functionality above all.

In this video you can see what is needed for the camps. We have also created a more detailed list for Pyrene Explorer.

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