The team which makes the Pyrenees Summer Camp possible are professionals with extensive experience in education, sport and nature activities.

Raül Cavaller (1977)


He has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences from the INEFC and is specialized in physical activity in the environment. He’s the founder of the Pyrenees Club and the holiday home Cal Pesolet Eco Turisme Rural. He’s been dedicated since 1998 to bringing physical activity and the mountain closer to everyone in a sustainable manner. He has been living in USA for two years and combines the job as a High School teacher with the Director of Pyrene Summer Camp. He has 3 children.

Èlia Sicília (1985)


She has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences from the INEFC and is an Alpine Ski and an Indoor Football Sports Technician. She has worked as a teacher, tutoring primary and secondary students. She travelled around the world in 2013/14 and likes to experience different cultures and scenery. She arrived at La Cerdanya in 2015 and has lived there since. She loves to discover the mountains practicing trail running. She’s the Director of Pyrene Ski Club.

Toni Masegosa (1985)


Andorran from head to toe he arrived from the cold north to the warm Andalucia where he studied the Superior Technician in Physical and Sport Activities, the degree of Physical Education, the Alpine Ski Technician and the Mountaineering Technician. Traveller from an early age he lived and worked as an alpine ski instructor in Canada during 3 years. Nowadays he’s a father and an alpine ski instructor in Granda.

Conor Nally (1997)


In love with mountains and nature, on 2 wheels or climbing impossible walls. He’s passionate about art. He’s been participating in mountain biking courses for 10 years, and he won the Cyclocross Series in Scotland, although he enjoys himself the most when he simply cycles for fun.

Mireia Fowler (1997)


With one foot in Cerdanya and the other in USA she has passion for the mountains and nature. She studied the higher degree in Dramatic Art in Escola Eòlia in BCN, she’s a drama teacher in some schools and she brings the most artistic part to Pyrene Summer Camp.  She has worked as a singer-actress in several musical performances like Survivor Story and has acted in theatres like Poliorama.

Jordi Gosa (1992)


Born in Bellver de Cerdanya, he knows every inch of the forests and mountains in the valley, which he has walked, cycled or skied through. He has a Social Educator degree from Barcelona University and a Superior Technician in Physical and Sport Activities. He’s an Alpine Ski, a High Mountain and a Kayaking Technician and a Recreation Instructor.

Manel Castellví (1999)


He’s a Technician in Physical and Sport Activities and nowadays he has started studying the degree of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. He competes in alpine ski and mountain biking races. He loves the mountains, the nature and La Cerdanya, where he spends the summers and winters.

Albert Gosa (1996)


Born in Bellver de Cerdanya and a mountain and physical activity lover, he’s a Technician in Physical and Sport Activities and an Alpine Ski Instructor. He works in schools and high schools with kids with special education needs and risk of social exclusion. He works in Pyrene Ski Club in winter.

Andrea Yebra (2000)


Borned in Badalona but with Berguedà heart she is a Technician in Physical and Sport Activities around the Natural Environment and a Superior Technician in Physical Conditioning from the INS Alt Berguedà of Bagà. In love with horses and the fitness world she has the goal to live combining these two passions.

Sam Solà (1995)


Graduated in Physiotherapy from Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Superior Technician in Physical and Sport Activities, and an Alpine Ski Sports Technician. He’s a big fan of the Cerdanya where he has spent his summer and winter holidays since he was young. He knows India well, where he worked as a volunteer. Alpine Ski Instructor in Pyrene Ski Club in winter.

Èlia Bonada (1992)


Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from INEFC Barcelona, she’s a Rescue and Lifesaving Technician, an Alpine Ski Technician and a Recreation Instructor. She’s in possession of the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training. After 8 months traveling around Asia, she settle down in Cerdanya, where she is an Alpine Ski Instructor in Pyrene Ski Club during winters. She is a big fan of the mountains, outdoor activities and traveling.

Stanley Nutter (1997)


Born in London where he studied at North West Kent College. He’s been a cyclist from a very young age and is an active member of the Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club, where he does everything imaginable on 2 wheels. Passionate about music, he’s a member of the Lewisham Concert Band.

Raúl Altamirano (1988)


Technician in guiding groups around the natural environment. He was born in Valencia and he passionately takes part in all activities which are done in natural surroundings, 365 days a year. As he loves cycling and horse riding on September ’19 he cicles from Roma to Santiago. He decided to move to La Cerdanya to fulfill his dream of earning a living by doing what makes him happy.

Oriol Marimón (1995)


He’s a Superior Technician in Physical and Sport Activities (CIC, BCN) and second level of Technician in Medium Mountain and Canyoning. He has studied caving and paragliding among others. He’s a lover of the most virgin nature, he finds the essence just trekking, running, climbing or cycling around the mountains.

Natalia Oliver (1996)


From Madrid, she has lived in Canada and Slovakia where she has explored the mountains and forests. She has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Recreation Instructor and 2d volleyball level. In loved with physical activity in all its forms currently she compites in weightlifting.

We are aware of the educational quality of our actions. The experiences which we propose are unique and we know that they will live on in the participants of the camp generating values, behaviours and lifestyles.

The Pyrenees Sports Club is an entity which loves the Pyrenees and we make it available to everyone. We organize activities throughout the whole year, including skiing, horse riding, cycling or walking, whilst always trying to respect nature.

The headquarters are in La Cerdanya and we’r registered in the Catalan Council of Sports Organizations, with number: 16348 and the Census Organizers of Physical and Sport Activities in the Natural Environment with number C-426.

Having a shower in the woods with hot water thanks to renewable energies is possible at the Pyrenees Summer Camp.

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