The Sustainable Pyrenees Campsite is located at the base of the Nordic Guils-Fontanera Ski Resort. It’s found in the pleasant Pla de Fontanera, 1,900m above sea level, in the middle of the Guils de Cerdanya mountain pine forest and surrounded by lakes and 3000m high mountain peaks. As it lies at the foot of the Puigpedrós massif, we have marvellous views of the Ceretana Plain, el Cadí, La Tossa, el Puigmal and el Canigó.

It’s just 15 minutes (12 km) away from Puigcerdà by car and can be reached from Guils de Cerdanya via a well paved road. Although the access is quick and easy, the base camp is in a wild and unspoilt corner of the Pyrenees.

The campsite is where the 6 camps are located, and it’s a place where you can meet up with friends, gain experiences and take on fun challenges.


The camp releases 0 emissions, 0 waste and is respectful of the environment.

One day as we were cycling we realized that the Pla de Fontanera was a magical place to establish the Pyrenees Summer base camp: a stream, the woods, the Malniu and Puigpedrós lakes…we dreamt big and during the spring of 2016 we started to build the campsite with one premise: sustainability.


We have exclusive use of the Nòrdic Guils-Fonanera ski resort installations including the Casa Restaurant with a big dining area to eat in in case of rain, a professional kitchen, storage areas and toilets.

We have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the middle of nature if the weather is good. Next to the Casa Restaurant we have tables and benches protected from the sun with a gazebo which is lit up at night. Twenty metres away we have four 25 person tents where we sleep in bunk beds. Our clothes are stored in individual boxes whereas our suitcases, bikes, helmets or saddles are stored in the storage areas.

The tents are illuminated with solar energy. We’ve built 6 showers with hot water thanks to the solar panels. It’s incredible to have a shower in the middle of the woods!

The campsite is protected from cows, horses and deer by a wooden fence.

Reality without makeup, the way it really is…don’t miss out on the Blog!


Collaborate with the Effort Prizes, we grant 10 places for the summer camps. Donate here.