The Sustainable Pyrene Campsite is located at the base of the Aransa Cross Country Resort. It’s found in the pleasant El Fornell plain, 1.900m above sea level. The camp is surrounded by mountain pine forest and deep blue lakes, with 3.000m high mountain peaks touching the clouds. The base lies at the foot of the Tossa Plana de Lles massif, with marvellous views of El Cadí, La Tossa d’Alp, El Puigmal and the Cerdanya Valley.

The camp is 30 minutes (18 km) away from Martinet de Cerdanya by car and can be reached from Arànser via a well maintained paved road. Although easily accessible, the base camp is in a wild and unspoilt corner of the Cerdanya Valley. All 6 camps are located at the campsite. It’s a place where you can meet up with friends, share experiences and take on fun challenges.

Our coordinates are UTM: 31N / ETRS89, coordinates GMS: E (X): 387761.0 m – N (Y): 4697676.0 m.


Dues plaques solars que escalfen les dutxes muntades darrere unes fustes


One day as we were cycling we realized that the Arànser was a magical place to establish the Pyrene Summer base camp: a stream, the woods, the Estanys de la Pera and Perafita… we dreamt big and during the spring of 2016 we started to build the campsite with one premise: sustainability.


We are settled at the Refuge El Fornell: our facilities include a large dining area for when it’s rainy or cold, a professional kitchen, storage areas and toilets.

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside if the weather permits. Next to the Refuge El Fornell we have tables and benches protected from the sun with a gazebo. The gazebo also has lights for nighttime seating. Twenty metres away we have four 25 person tents where we sleep in bunk beds. Clothes are stored in individual boxes, while suitcases, bikes, helmets and saddles are stored in the storage areas. The tents are illuminated with solar energy. Also solar powered are our 6 hot water showers. It’s incredible to have a shower in the middle of the woods! The campsite is protected from cows, horses and deer by a wooden fence.


From the stoves of the Fornell’s refuge, the kitchen team prepares meals given the high energy demand of the activities we carry out while looking after what we eat. Since we are an active part in the healthy habits of young people, and the amount of milk, bread, juice, and pasta we buy for 5 weeks of camps is huge, we have a positive impact wherever we go shopping.

We want to know the origin of the products we eat in the Pyrene Summer Camp, which is why we rely on family, proximity, and quality companies. This bet means an increase in the budget we allocate to food. But if we consider it important at home, why not when we go to summer camps?

We have been making changes to the menu for the last 15 summers. In the last 2 years, we’ve stopped serving fish: it was frozen and clearly, we didn’t catch it in the Segre River. Instead, our valley is recognized for its beef. We make sure that the meat we eat, being raised in our mountains, is of the highest quality. We have also increased the intake of plant protein through pulses, soybeans, tofu, nuts, and cereals such as oats and quinoa.

We avoid foods that are harmful to our health, such as those that are highly processed. We are determined to put healthy food on the table. In between the Wild Adventures’ running late to dinner, the rice is overcooked, soft overcooked rice but still of the best quality!

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