PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL presents the Pyrene Summer Camp! A proposal that was born in 2010 and which fuses the philosophy of work camps, non-formal education, and summer camps.

We propose the co-responsibility of the participants in the success of the program, combining effort, learning, and fun. Our goal is to propose situations that facilitate learning through experience. Simulating a university campus, in the same space and under common activities (meals, night games, excursions…) the participants choose 1 field from 8 possible.

1. Who and Where are we?

PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL is a company that loves the Pyrenees and makes them available to everyone. We organize activities throughout the year, with base camp in the Cerdanya Valley. Registered in the Census of Organizers of Physical and Sports Activities in the Outdoors with no. C-562 by the administration of Catalonia Generalitat.

The Pyrene Summer Camp is run by a widely experienced team of professionals in Education and Physical Activity and, at the same time, specialists in the camps we perform.

The Pyrene Sustainable Camp is located at the base of the Aransa Nordic Ski Resort. Located in the pleasant plain of Les Saleres del Fornell, at 1,900 meters high, in the middle of the Aransa black pine forest, surrounded by lakes and peaks of 3,000 meters. We have the ski resort’s facilities for our exclusive use. The Restaurant, with a large dining room for meals in case of rain, a large and modern professional kitchen, storage rooms, and toilets. We have tables and benches around the Casa Restaurant, protected from the sun with an awning and lighted at night. 50 meters away we have 5 tents with 25 spots each, where we sleep on bunk beds. The tents are lit with solar energy. We build 6 hot water showers with solar panels.

The campsite has a perimeter protected from cows, horses, or deer by a wooden fence.

2. When do we start and end shifts?

We start on Sundays at 6 pm and finish on Saturdays at 12 pm.

3. How can I get to the camp?

We are at El Fornell Refuge, at the base of the Aransa Nordic Ski Resort, at an altitude of 1,900m, surrounded by forests, lakes, and peaks of 3,000m. Follow this link to see the camp located on Google Maps.

 By car: take the N-260 from La Seu d’Urgell or the E-9 from Manresa (via Túnel del Cadí) to reach Martinet and then head to Aransa. From Aransa, follow the directions to the Aransa Nordic Ski Station.

 By bus: Alsina Graells, stop in Martinet.

 By train: line R3 from Barcelona to Puigcerdà (we will pick up boys/girls who request it at Puigcerdà station, arriving between 2 pm and 4.30 pm).

4. Equipment

(It is recommended to bring everything marked with the participant’s name)

• Small backpack 15 to 25L (to carry everyday things).

• Clothing: shorts, t-shirts, long sweatpants, raincoat, flip flops and socks.

• Polar lining and down jacket for mountain hikes.

• Swimwear: swimsuit, flip-flops, towel.

• Sport and mountain shoes, sun hat and sunscreen.

• Pajamas, mat and sleeping bag temperature 0ºC.

• Flashlight (recommended frontal type).

• Necessary: comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower soap.

Remember to COMPLETE the equipment with the PERSONAL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY for each field. Campers staying 2 weeks or more shifts have free laundry service.


IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE MOBILE PHONES BY PARTICIPANTS, we understand that they bring them to the camp if they arrive by train or plane, but once they arrive at the camp, the mobile phones will be kept in the office under the custody of the camp leaders.

5. Calls from parents and tutors

Calls are only allowed if you stay 2 shifts, linking 2 weeks, calling on Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm at +34 659 642 794 (Raül Cavaller). FOR ANY EMERGENCY, or query you have during the week you can contact us 24/7.

6. Insurance, Medical Care, and health status of participants

PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL has accident insurance for all the participants, as required by Spanish Law. You can consult and/or request a copy of the original at info@coloniesestiupyrene.com.

For non-European Union participants, private medical insurance is recommended in case of illness or disease, which will not be covered by the accident insurance mentioned above and all medical care expenses will be charged to the participant’s family.

On the registration form, we ask you to accompany the registration with 1 passport photo + health card, you can add this to your user area on the website www.coloniesestiupyrene.com or send it scanned to info@coloniesestiupyrene.com.

For health care, we have the Primary Care Center in Puigcerdà and the Regional Hospital of Puigcerdà (13.5 km away).

Following the Decree 225/96 of the Generalitat de Catalunya, those responsible (camp director, camp leaders and instructors) will not administer drugs or use medical materials or means that involve invasion of body tissues. Thus, participants will not be supplied with any type of drug without the consent of their parents or legal guardians, and following their medical prescription, which you must send us with the rest of the documentation to the previously mentioned email address.

If the participant has an injury or disability that makes it impossible for him to practice any type of activity, it will be the responsibility of the parents to inform the monitors.

7. Diet

Meals will be served at the Restaurant El Fornell in Aransa, with its own kitchen and professional chef under the organization of PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL. The diet is varied and balanced, divided into breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner. It takes into account the extra energy burned by the participants involved in carrying out most of the activities, as well as the caloric needs of each age group. Specific diets related to food allergies or intolerances, as well as special diets for religious or ideological reasons, will be respected. Lunches or dinners that are carried out during trips or activities (picnics) comply with the regulations relating to hygiene and food safety.

8. Pocket Money

We recommend not bringing more than €20. Campers can only use the pocket money to buy some souvenirs (honey, cheese…) or t-shirts, sweaters, and caps from the Pyrene Summer Camp. In case of loss or theft, PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL is not responsible for the money brought by the participants.

9. Internal travel

The 8 camps are held from the Pyrene Sustainable Camp, requiring special activities to travel with 9-seater vehicles from PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL, or with external taxi services hired for that purpose.

10. Summer Camp Coexistence rules

To guarantee respect for others, for the facilities and the material, as well as for the proper functioning of the activities, the participants will act following the rules of coexistence established by PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL.

11. Cancellation or modification of activities

PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the activities described in the programs if the weather conditions, physical condition, and/or the attitude of the participants may constitute a risk to the safety of the participants themselves or their mates.

12. Refunds

The total amount of the reservation fee includes €25 for management and banking expenses which will not be refundable under any circumstances.

Cancellation of the Beginner’s Horse Riding, Advanced Horse Riding, and Pyrene Explorer camps will result in the total loss of the amount paid.

For all other camps, the remaining part of the deposit and the second payment will be refunded when the cancellation request is made up to 15 days before the start of the requested camp.

The proportional amount of the days not spent in the camps will be returned only when PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL cannot provide the contracted services. In case of leaving the camp voluntarily or due to uncivil behavior, PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL will not make any type of refund.

13. Protection of Personal Data

Following the current applicable regulations, PYRENE ADVENTURE PROJECTS SL will not use the data of the participants for services other than its corporate communication and/or the announcement of its products. By registering, you give explicit permission for the dissemination of any of the participants’ images taken during the Pyrene Summer Camp. If you don’t want your child to appear in public images, let us know at info@coloniesestiupyrene.com.