5 years ago, in 2011, the Effort Prizes began. We wanted to fill the void in the recognition of student’s academic effort (beyond university education), and contribute to a crucial moment of the configuration of one’s personality (between the ages of 13 and 16). At the same time we make proposals in possibly the most critical moment of the educational process (1st and 2nd years of ESO).

During the first two editions of the Effort Prizes we managed to get funding for families in la Cerdanya who helped with the project, making it a reality and giving grants to 30 young people.

After 3 years, our collaborators from El Despertador offered us a new challenge full of hope and illusion: increase the beneficiaries of the Prizes and allow 40 young people to live a unique experience at la Cerdanya.

To reach this goal, with Verkami, we needed to get €1800 to produce 1000 copies of the CD Waking up an illusion with music provided by Sandra Rebder, Euclydes Mattos, Martí, Jorcx, Xevi Compte, Vic&Monik, Xavi Alías, Marujita, Mazzías, Cesk Freixas, Eva Fernández, Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

In 2 months we reached our objective thanks to 92 patrons, €2,060…1000 copies! The CDs were sold raising the necessary funds to finance the scholarships. The Adsis Foundation received the Effort Prizes and boys and girls from Barcelona participated in the 2014 Pyrenees Summer Camp.

Last year the Prizes lost momentum as we didn’t manage to get the same funding as previous years. But the Effort Prizes are alive and for this summer we want to get 15 beneficiaries again.

For the kids the Summer Camp is unforgettable. For only 10€ you’ll give enthusiasm to 40 kids more.


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