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Yesterday afternoon it couldn’t have been clearer. Blue skies and clear air to welcome the 76 participants of the Pyrene Summer Camps’ first shift. 

What a joy to see again a few repeat participants (some are already in their fourth year!) and happy to greet those who will experience Cerdanya Valley for the first time with Pyrene.

We settle in the tents, start to break the ice and get to know each other. The sun is starting to come down and the temperature is dropping fast, where is my sweaters and long pants? Before dinner there are some tasks to do, the riders of the Bike Camp by Orbea have to sort all the bikes in the garage, and the campers of the Advanced Horse Riding Camp, need to check the horses’ enclosure and carry grass to feed them. Meanwhile, some Minairons are busy trying to stop the stream of the creek.

After the first dinner in Cap del Rec we prepare for a special Revetlla fest, where we change the firecrackers and bonfires to a gymkana in the forest. It’s dark already. Look up, how many stars!

At 11pm everyone is in the sleeping bag and we are in silence trying to get asleep, will be our first night at the camp.
It has been a cold night… this morning there was frost on the breakfast tables. Luckily there is no wind and as soon as the sun rises behind Tossa d’Alp, at 07:10am, it starts to heat up the tents and the camp.

Today has been full day: 

Minairons have done an Orienteering Race and games at the creek.
Junior Adventure and Bold Adventure were doing Community Services, Orienteering and Mountain Bike rotations.
Wild Adventure Camp today bike ride to Prullans, refreshing at the cold water of Molí del Salt and ending the day by caving in Annes Cave.
Advanced Horse Riding Camp prepared the horses, and first ride! Getting to know with their new 4 legged partners and getting used to the new campsite.
Bike Camp by Orbea pedaling to La Pera lakes, first long ride, getting our legs and bikes ready.

It got a little cloudy in the afternoon… let’s hope the clouds stay with us and we have a less cold night.

First day passed! It’s the longest day at camp! and not because it is one of the shortest night or 26 hours, but because the beginnings are not easy… but we are very happy: we have a new campsite, new location, new routes, new friends… so we feel like a child with new pair of shoes!

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