a week

Big adventures for the youngest camp members!

We discover mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, taking the nature that surrounds us as the driving force behind the activities. We are small but that does not mean that we can’t build huts, climb mountains, ride horses or study the stars!



  • 28 JUN

    4 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 5 JUL

    11 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 12 JUL

    18 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 19 JUL

    25 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 26 JUL

    1 AUG
  • 420€
    availability: 16 spots

Marta Moran, Music Education Teacher and Maria Xandri, degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Primary and Infant Teacher, are the Minairons camp leaders.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

The smallest campers have arrived accompanied by their parents. Some with siblings or cousins. The bravest ones have come alone, ready to make a load of friends. Each one begins their adventure in a different way. The majority will be here for a week, some for two! We get situated, introduce ourselves, play games, and sing songs while some parents are reluctant to leave. The first laughs appear. Where are the showers? Some are already sure that they want to sleep on the top bunk and others near the counselor…

Day 2

The guitar enters into the shop and we wake up to the rhythm of the music. We get dressed, go to the bathroom, and meet up in front of the information board to see the activities that we will do today. In the morning an orientation run through el Pla de Fontanera to get used to the environment. We fill up our water bottles in the fountain, orient our compasses to the north, set up the map well and let’s go! Off to find the marks! But the heat squeezes us, how about a little dip in the stream before eating? In the afternoon we pick some flowers in the forest to make natural soap. After dinner, game of the night: jacket zipped up all the way, and off to look for trails!

Day 3

Today it’s the birds that get us up from the bed. So hungry! The older campers have put the tables and benches in the sun and we calmly have breakfast with everyone together in the middle of the camp: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juice, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, milk… We need strength since the excursion to el Refugi de les Cases is full of adventures. We grab the backpacks, hats, water bottles and magnifying glass. There are also those who carry binoculars. You never know what we could find in the forest. We have lunch at the campsite and in the afternoon we grab logs, tie ropes, saw branches and construct cabins better than those of Robinson Crusoe. And at night… open air cinema! We have many movies to choose from in the library.

Day 4

A new adventure awaits us today. We put on our sneakers, grab our packed lunch, and we start on the route towards el Estany de Malniu. There some of us observe the pond skaters skate across the water, others look for tadpoles and the most daring of us swim in the lake. How cold is the water! An incredible place to eat, play, and discover everything nature has to offer us. On the way back we follow along the GR-11 to the campsite contemplating some spectacular views of all the Cerdanya: el Cadí, el Puigmal, el Puigllançada… According to the schedule today we get a hot shower. Some of us have never showered with solar panels in the middle of the forest. During the break at night, we set up the telescope and look at the sky. With a little bit of luck we will see Jupiter’s moons or Saturn’s rings.

Day 5

Today the Minairons get up a little earlier because it’s our turn to set the table. How many are we in total? This morning, nature workshop in the forest. We observe with a magnifying glass the tadpoles we find in the stream, the butterflies, and the ladybugs. We put food in the birdhouses and pick strawberries in the forest. Delicious! And without even realizing, it’s already time to eat. We have been waiting for this afternoon since the first day: horseback riding through el Pla de Fontanera! The horse monitors and the older horseback riding campers teach us to brush and saddle the horses. When we have everything prepared, we enjoy an unforgettable horseback ride together. What fascinating animals!

Day 6

It’s important to bundle up, because in the Parc Animaler it’s always cold. We pack our backpacks and have a good breakfast. The jeep carries us to another country. In France do they speak French? The music and songs reflect the nervousness of seeing bears, deer, roe deer, and wild boar with their children… The binoculars help us to see the lynx that hide themselves between the trees. We have lunch at the table beside the wolf pe and when they smell the fried chicken they start to come closer to the fence… Our day is complete when we finish with a stop at Puigcerdà to have an ice cream going around the lake.

Day 7

Even though it’s the last day, we still have energy for a varied raid. We get mixed with the other camps and do archery, orientation, BTT… We share our last laughs together. Today the food is special: mashed potato and tuna pie, meat with mushroom sauce, and ice cream for dessert. After eating the families arrive and this adventure ends, but there are still a lot of vacations left ahead to keep enjoying nature, sport, and friends. Happy month of August! Until next summer, Minairons!