Big adventures for the youngest camp members!

We discover mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, taking the nature that surrounds us as the driving force behind the activities. We are small but that does not mean that we can’t build huts, climb mountains, ride horses or study the stars!


From 7 to 10 years old




per week


23rd to 29th June
  • Availability: 0 spots
30th June to 6th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
7th to 13th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
14th to 20th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
21st to 27th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
28th July to 3rd August
  • Availability: 0 spots



Do you want to know everything we will do during the summer camp? This is the schedule we have designed for your camp week:


General material needed for the camp:

  • T-shirt(5) + shorts (2) + socks(5)
  • Long sleeve thermal t-shirt + long thermal tights + long socks + winter hat
  • Long sleeve sweatshirt + long pants (2)
  • Raincoat + fleece liner + anorak (coat) for mountain excursions
  • Sneakers with mountain sole (2)
  • Swimsuit + flip flops + towel
  • Cap + sunscreen + lip balm + water bottle
  • Torch (flashlight) or headlamp
  • Pajamas + sleeping mat + sleeping bag comfort temperature 0ºC
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste + shower soap + comb

Specific material for the Minairons camp:

  • Backpack 20-30L for day trips
  • Binoculars + magnifying glass + shoe box + working gloves (optional)
  • White T-Shirt (for T-shirt painting workshop)

* It is recommended to bring everything marked with the name of the participant.

* Participants staying in 2 or more camps have free laundry service.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING GAME CONSOLES, MOBILE PHONES, OR TABLETS DURING THE SUMMER CAMPS. If you arrive by train or plane and bring a mobile phone to facilitate logistics, it will be stored at the office upon arrival at the camp.

If you lack any equipment you can use our rental service and will be ready for your arrival.



– Full board accommodation, from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day

– Internal trips with internal vehicles of the Club as well as external taxi services for special activities that require it

– Specific materials to participate in the activities

– Monitoring 24 hours a day

– Compulsory accident insurance and liability insurance


Day 1

Our youngest campers have arrived with their parents in tow. Some with siblings or cousins, some brave ones have come alone. All are ready to make a load of new friends. Each one begins their adventure in a different way. The majority will be here for a week, some for two! We introduce ourselves, play games, and sing songs. Some parents might be reluctant to leave, but they will be reunited soon. Now we have to get situated: where are the showers? Some are already sure that they want to sleep on the top bunk and others near the counselor…

Day 2

We wake up to the sound of guitars as our counsellors strum a morning tune. We get dressed, go to the bathroom, and meet up in front of the information board to see what activities we will be doing today. In the morning we have an orientation around the campsite to get acquainted with the area. We fill up our water bottles at the fountain, point our compasses north, double check our map, and off we go! As the day goes on it starts to get hot. How about a little dip in the stream before lunch? In the afternoon we pick some flowers in the forest to make natural soap. After dinner, it’s time for tonight’s activity: jacket zipped up all the way, and off to search for footprints!

Day 3

Today the singing of the birds wakes us from our sleep. So hungry! The older campers have put the tables and benches in the sun and we have breakfast with the rest of the camp outside: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juice, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, milk… We need the energy since the excursion to La Palanqueta is full of adventures. We grab our backpacks, hats, water bottles and magnifying glasses. Some bring binoculars too. You never know what we will find in the forest. We have lunch at the campsite and in the afternoon we grab logs, ropes, and branches to construct cabins better than the likes of those built by Robinson Crusoe. And at night… an open air cinema! We have many movies to choose from in our library.

Day 4

A new adventure awaits us today. We put on our sneakers, grab our sack lunch, and we start on the route towards Els Estanys de la Pera. Up there some of us watch the pond skaters gliding across the water, others look for tadpoles and the most daring of us take a dip in the lake. How refreshing! It’s an incredible place to eat, play, and discover everything nature has to offer. On the way back we follow the GR-11 to the campsite, taking in the spectacular views of the Cerdanya: el Cadí, el Puigmal, el Puigllançada… On the schedule it says today is our turn to take a hot shower. Some of us have never showered with solar panels in the middle of the forest. During the break at night, we set up the telescope and look at the sky. With a little bit of luck we will see Jupiter’s moons or Saturn’s rings.

Day 5

Today the Minairons get up a little earlier because it’s our turn to set the table. How many are we in total? This morning, we have our nature workshop in the forest. We study with our magnifying glasses the tadpoles in the stream, the butterflies, and the ladybugs. We put food in the birdhouses and pick strawberries in the forest. Delicious! And without even realizing it, it’s already time for lunch. We have been waiting for this afternoon since the first day: horseback riding around the campsite! The horse camp monitors and the older horseback riding campers teach us to brush and saddle the horses. When we have everything prepared, we enjoy an unforgettable horseback ride together. What fascinating animals!

Day 6

It’s a new day and new adventures await. Today we put on some good shoes, grab our backpacks, picnic and helmets. And maybe our swimsuit and towel, you never know. We have a long hike to the Anas Cave. We arrived sueding but plenty of energy. We go into the depths of the earth while we are fascinated by the stalactites and stalagmites. Becarfule! we don’t open our mouths too much or the bats will enter us! We spend the afternoon in Bellver, strolling through the center and swimming in the Basses de Gallissà.

Day 7

Even though it’s the last day, we still have energy for a field day. We join  the other camps to do archery, orientation, BTT… We share our last laughs together. At midday the families arrive and our adventure ends, but there is still enough summer break left to keep enjoying nature, sports, and friends. Until next summer, Minairons!