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In the begining of the camps, when everything was unknown for us, we though it was going to be a long and tough week. Some of us expected it not to be that hard. We expected uphills but not that much….

The change if sleeping place also changed our expectations :S

The first day was a little messy but easy to know all members level. We experienced some troubles. In the evening we learned the parts of the bike in English. We also did some mechanics like changing a tire or fixing a chain. As the day keep on going we started to knew each other a bit more. The second day was exhausting. We changed the usual shadowy roads for sunny and really hot paths. It was almost all the road uphill. We experienced some mechanical problems as Mr bikebreaker broke the second bike. Going downhill was so fun even the rain was our companion during all the afternoon. We where all rewarded with a visit to Bellver and we bought a lot of sweets. We think the third day was the best day because we completed the hole planed route. It was really nice and we had so much fun. We went to Gonec and we had a nice downhill to Cortariu. On the afternoon we where supposed to start the ascension to Gonec again to camp there and sleep, but because of the unexpected rain we had to cancel the ascension. The fourth day we woke up really early and we started walking towards Gonec and then climb Comabona. We all arrived so tired at Cortariu. Today we where supposed to go to Cortals de l’Ingla but some of us where to tired to arrive there, so we changed the route.

After all, maybe the Tour de France isn’t so hard?

Today’s Temperatures: Max 31ºC  Min 11ºC

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