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Every day we feel more and more at home. These days, the bicycle is our way of transport, the pond behind the camp is our swimming pool, the tents are our four-wind chalets, the tent is our cinema screen and the forest is our garden. We have a fountain where we fill our water jugs during meals, a sky with millions of stars and a moon that could rock anyone to sleep tonight.

Today it was harder for us to get up, we stayed in our warm sleeping bags until Eva came to wake us up. Cabirols to set the table! We know that the Junior Adventure group, the Cabirols, have to get up a bit earlier to set the tables with the glasses, bowls and napkins for everyone. We will also have to pick everything up afterwards.

During the day we did 1001 activities. The Minairons went to the forest to build our second home. Branches here, saws there and with the pita string we made everything more or less stable. We don’t think it will withstand any storm, but we’re sure it will be useful to play for a while.

Wild Adventure today we’ve been relaxing at the camp: orienteering race in the morning and Community Services in the afternoon. We need to be well rested for the two-day trek that awaits us, so tomorrow we’ll pack our backpacks and head to Andorra for the night!

The horsemen and horsewomen have lost our way in the forests of Aransa and Lles, so much so that we have reached the free refuge of Coll Midós. We will spend the night there and return tomorrow afternoon. Uri has brought us dinner, water and everything we need for a couple of days on the route. What an adventure!

And Bold Adventure and the group of Junior Adventure Isards have cycled to infinity. With so many ups and downs, we’ll sleep well tonight, we promise.

Tomorrow, we will walk to the top of the Tossa Plana de Lles, to see if we can touch the clouds.

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