The team of Pyrene monitors is essential to ensure the success of our Pyrene Summer Camp year after year. They are the heart of our organization and the booster of all the activities.

The monitors are qualified in teaching, sports and environmental studies. Their tasks consist in staying with the children and teenagers in our Sustainable Campsite, accompanying their different rhythms and fostering the values necessary to enjoy sport and nature with friends on the basis of respect, cooperation and solidarity.

They are monitors and teachers playing other roles such as mums and dads, mechanics, nurses, psychologists, waiters, musicians, drivers, photographers, Sherpas, inventors, clowns, writers, and computer experts…

They collaborate and they adapt to new situations and changes easily. They are creative, motivators and good communicators. They come from all around the world (England, the U.S., Andorra, Catalonia…). A good variety of mixed nationalities which all together add extra value to the experience.

They work 24 hours for a period of 2 or 5 weeks. They have a day off during the week to rest a little or get lost around the area.

Accommodation in the Sustainable Campsite is included as well as meals, laundry, and materials to carry out the activities and trips.

There are several monitors and one coordinator in every camp. The salary depends on your experience, your training, the tasks assigned, and your career with us so far. Students from the following degrees and studies are especially welcome to join our team: Sports Sciences, Physical Education, Physical Activities and Outdoor Activities. If you are certified or specialised in Hiking, Mountain Biking and/or Horse Riding also feel welcome to apply.

Every summer we also offer internships for young adults who are just about to finish their training in sports and environmental studies. We also offer a volunteering programme for those interested in getting to know our Sustainable Campsite first hand. This programme includes accommodation and meals for the participants.

We are also seeking people willing to collaborate setting up the Sustainable Campsite in June. We dismantle the campsite altogether after finishing the last camp in the summer.

Interested in joining our team?

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