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Today is a big day at the Pyrene Summer Camp because the challenge is huge: the Tossa Plana de Lles, at 2,916 metres.

We leave the camp at 8 am, heading north-west towards the Pradell Refuge along a well-marked trail through a black pine forest. Breakfast awaits us at the refuge, a delicious meal that will help us continue our journey. From here, the path goes through a multitude of rhododendrons in spectacular fuchsia bloom. This part of the forest is mature, with impressive trees, many of them dead and fallen, probably struck by lightning. We leave the forest behind and continue through the meadows to the summit.

For the Minairons, reaching the Estany de l’Orri is their summit today. Aventura Junior and Bold Adventure reach the summit of Tossa Plana and return to camp.

Wild Adventure sleeps in Andorra today; we won’t hear from them until tomorrow. Advanced Horse Riding Camp has returned from spending a night out, arriving exhausted but happy with the experience. All is well. And Pyrene Explorer has crossed the Coll de Toro and will spend the night at the Renclusa Refuge tonight; tomorrow at 5 am, they head for Aneto.

We look back and see all we’ve walked to get here. Thankfully, we climbed together, and when I was out of strength, you helped me. And now that we’re here, happy with what we’ve achieved, I want more. Is that where the Epic Pyrene Explorer group is? Yes! Behind those mountains? Yes, someday we’ll go there, because I want to see what lies further on.

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