a week

Get to know the horses, learn from their abilities!

7 magical days to discover The Cerdanya Valley on horseback. Can you imagine living with a horse for a week? You will have to take care of each other to reach hidden lakes, gallop through alpine meadows or cross mountain rivers. And we are together 24 hours, since the horses sleep in an enclosure in the middle of the woods next to the camp.



  • 28 JUN

    4 JUL
  • 5 JUL

    11 JUL
  • 620€
    availability: 12 spots
  • 12 JUL

    18 JUL
  • 620€
    availability: 12 spots
  • 19 JUL

    25 JUL
  • 620€
    availability: 12 spots
  • 26 JUL

    1 AUG
  • 620€
    availability: 12 spots

The leaders of the Horse Riding camp are Raúl Altamirano and Andrea Yebra, both technicians in guiding groups around the natural environment, and also with a large experience in horse riding.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

The new riders arrive loaded down. The riding boots and helmet take up a fair amount of space in the bag. They come prepared for adventure. Some with friends, others with siblings, and the braver ones alone. Most will be here for a week, others will do horseback riding and another week with another camp. This first afternoon is to get ourselves situated, find out where the showers are, whenever it’s our turn to set the table or how to get to the horse pen. We choose our bunk beds and start to make friends… Some of them big and furry!

Day 2

We have breakfast in the morning sun and carry all the necessary material to the pen. We start getting to know the horses: we brush their hair and their mane. We review their horseshoes and we saddle them. A day to connect, get to know each other, and gain trust, as much with the horses as with the riders. And in the afternoon Community Service: the campsite information booth could really use a good coat of paint and we will also make birdhouses and posters. After having supper, game of the night. We make different groups mixed with the rest of the camps. Who will be the first to find the flag?

Day 3

We grab the chairs, the helmets, a picnic for lunch and to the pen! Today a great adventure awaits us. We start reviewing techniques to later go deep into the forest following the winter track in snow rackets. We have lunch in el Refugi de les Cases and we follow along towards the old mysterious starry airplane. The stroll through the forest trail is nice: one after the other, in silence, hearing only the horses’ footsteps and the birds’ songs. An unforgettable experience.

Day 4

Today all of the camps have an important challenge: conquer Puigpedrós (2,912 meters). We leave the camp on horseback. The first stage is to el Estany de Malniu. There the brave ones take a dip in the water to refresh themselves while the horses drink all the water they want. The second stage is on foot. We leave the horses in the shelter and we walk up to the top to reach our first goal. Today’s outing is a good one. No more, no less than 1,000 meters of accumulated incline since the campsite. Good thing that tonight we have open air cinema and we will be able to relax having some popcorn.

Day 5

A morning of games near the campsite. Have you ever tried to play the handkerchief game on horseback? We have lunch in the shade under the campsite awnings with the other groups. And time for ping-pong, badminton, football/soccer, basketball, make cabins… In the afternoon the smallest ones of the camp also want to spend a little time with the horses, so we Horseback Riding campers explain to them everything we know and we carry them to take a stroll through the surrounding area. And after having dinner a small night excursion through el Pla de Fontanera. How different it is to ride at night!

Day 6

There’s only a little bit left until the adventure ends. Today is the last long excursion day. We pack our backpacks with our packed lunch, a snack, and water. The descent through the GR-11 until Guils de Cerdanya has some spectacular views of the whole valley. It is necessary that you pay attention to the branches and rocks. From Guils to Latour de Carol, with a little swim in the river included. We gain our strength back before going back up to the campsite through the old forest trail that goes through the woods. At nighttime pizza gets us going again and again our legs are ready for the final party: lights, music, and to dance!

Day 7

We have breakfast, we pack our bags and get everything together. The last activity is to ride bareback, what a difference! It’s crazy how we connect and notice every movement of the horse. The harmony is perfect. After eating, the first families start to arrive. The riders have so many things to explain to them… They don’t know it, but the parents have been reading the blog and they haven’t missed a single detail of what we have done these days. The last moments nd hugs. With the Pyrene sweatshirts we will radiate positive energy all year long!