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Discover la Cerdanya and the Pyrenees whilst pedalling for 7 days and learning English in an experiential manner.

We suggest you crossing forests, following rivers, jumping rocks and reaching beautiful Romanesque churches on a mountain bike. Giving pedals until the forces end, following the incredible paths hidden in these mountains.



  • 28 JUN

    4 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 12 spots
  • 440€
    availability: 16 spots
  • 5 JUL

    11 JUL
  • 12 JUL

    18 JUL
  • 19 JUL

    25 JUL
  • 440€
    availability: 15 spots
  • 26 JUL

    1 AGO
  • 440€
    availability: 13 spots

Jordi Gosa is the leader of the Bike camp, and Stanley Nutter of London and Conor Nally of Edinburgh are the bike instructors and also the native English speakers.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

It’s late afternoon and soon the first faces start to appear around the campsite. Some have travelled a few hours from home, other have taken a plane to cross the Atlantic. But all have one thing in common: the mountain bike. It’s the day to get ourselves situated and get to know each other. Where are the showers?, someone asks Stanley. We play games in English and discover the surroundings of the campsite before dinner. The galets soup is perfect to warm up and prepare ourselves for the game of the night.

Day 2

We have breakfast and get our mountain bikes ready. It’s necessary to inflate the tires, check the brakes, adjust the seat… and all of this in English! We learn our first new words with the British counselors, specialized in BTT. We get on the bikes and we go on the trail towards el Refugi de la Feixa. The slope on the GR-11 is amazing! In the afternoon Community Service: in Cal Cassanyes they need help with the henhouse and at the campsite there are also things to be done. But the day doesn’t end here. Today the game of the night on Fontanera will turn us into smugglers. Will we be able to carry all of the supplies to the other side of the river without getting caught by the police?

Day 3

Ready, steady, go! We have breakfast in the middle of the campsite enjoying the sun that warms us but doesn’t burn us. There’s food for everyone: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juices, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, milk… Today a great adventure awaits us. We follow the red marks until the Refugi de les Cases and the wreckage of the old starry airplane. We finally arrive to Latour de Carol where we refresh ourselves in the river. The rice salad and the mushroom croquettes help us to get our strength back before the trip back up to camp.

Day 4

Each day it is a little harder to get ourselves up. Our legs notice the accumulated kilometers from the bike rides. Today all of the camps leave together from Fontanera. We go by bike, the rest on horseback. After a few hours pedaling, we arrive at Estany de Malniu. We need a dip in the lake to refresh ourselves. Later we go down to the shelter to put our bikes away. Now to hike to Puigpedròs’s peak (2,912 meters). And at night… outdoor cinema! Only a few will be able to stay awake for the whole movie.

Day 5

Today we start with a Mechanic’s Workshop where we leave techniques and tricks to solve mechanical problems with the bikes. The torrent of la Mata de l’Ós helps us to identify the punctures in the tires. We have lunch at the campsite with all of the groups. The afternoon gets entertaining again: ping pong, badminton, football/soccer, basketball, frisbee… After, again on the bike and down to el Segre. Our arms get stiff after almost 1,000 meters of slope. In a flat area we look for the perfect place to take a dip in the water and have a snack.

Day 6

There’s only a little bit left until the adventure ends. Today is the last long excursion day. We prepare our backpacks with a packed lunch, a snack, and water. Destination: the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Bell-lloc close to Dorres. We cross small French towns and even stick our heads in the Brangolí dolmen. From above the chapel the views are spectacular. A good place to have lunch, without a doubt. The descent through the “trialera” is worth remembering. At nightfall a pizza brings us back to life and despite having 35 kilometers of excursion, we already have our legs ready for the final party: music, lights, and dance!

Day 7

Today, starting in the early morning, the day smells like goodbye. After having breakfast we pack our bags and pick up everything. The last activity is orienteering, an orientation run in groups around Pla de Fontanera. We already know the area so it’s a full out race to catch all the witnesses as quickly as possible. After lunch the families start to arrive. These are the last moments to exchange phone numbers, hugs, and buy shirts. We’ll see each other next summer. Or maybe in the winter?