a week

Discover The Cerdanya Valley by doing orientation, canyoning, trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and community services.

The most complete package is waiting for you. You’re the protagonist of this multi-adventure where you’ll make decisions on how to keep marching on whilst overcoming different challenges which will appear. Diversity of scenery, activities and experiences. Are you in?



  • 27 JUN

    3 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 3 spots
  • 4 JUL

    10 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 0 spots
  • 11 JUL

    17 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 3 spots
  • 18 JUL

    24 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 0 spots
  • 25 JUL

    31 JUL
  • 420€
    availability: 0 spots

The leaders of the Junior Adventure camp are Sam Solà and Albert Gosa, technicians in Physical and Sport Activities, and Natália Oliver who has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

Includes full board accommodation, from dinner the first day until lunch on the last day; transport (excluding arrival and departure to the camp), accident insurance, specific material for the activities and instructors available 24h a day.

Day 1

New faces at 1,900 meters high… Some have come by car, others in train to Puigcerdà and we have even gone to pick up some from the airport! With friends, siblings, cousins, or alone, each one starts their adventure today. The majority will be here for a week, and the more daring will be here for two in two different camps. We get situated and place ourselves in groups. We play and the first laughs appear. Where are the showers? Who sleeps on the top bunk of the bunk bed? And without realizing, it’s time for supper. How great the galets soup smells!

Day 2

It’s still the kids, full of energy, who wake up the birds. Right away they crowd together in front of the board to see what activities we will do today. In the morning, an orientation race around the campsite, and in the afternoon Community Service: in Arànser someone needs help with the garden. On the way to the town we repaint the path marks and we stop at a fountain to clean it, fix the walls… After having dinner, night gymkhana (field day). Careful, it’s cold! Jacket zipped up all the way!

Day 3

Ready, set, go! We have breakfast outside with the sun and with the grass beneath our feet. There’s something for everyone: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juice, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, milk… We grab our mountain bikes and we continue as far as the eye can see. The views from the top are amazing and the downhill through the wood is the final prize. In the afternoon, everyone’s legs are asking for a break, so a horseback ride is a good option. What a luxury of landscapes and sensations from up here.

Day 4

Today we wake up early. All of the camps’ participants will share the path to els Estanys de la Pera on foot, by bike, or on horseback. When we arrive, the brave campers take a dip in the lake to relieve themselves of the heat and after, we continue on to touch the clouds of Perafita mountain peak (2,752 meters). What trekking today! No more, no less than 900 meters of accumulated incline from the campsite. And at night, outdoor cinema with a big serving of popcorn in hand!

Day 5

Good morning, sleepyheads! A morning of games in the forest, and with two tree trunks as goals we play football/soccer, also basketball, badminton, and ping pong… The afternoon won’t be short either. The Picantona Gymkhana is full of challenges and surprises. We end up painted, muddy, and soaking wet after the final race of penguins. Today we really do need a good, hot shower. The solar panels work at full force.

Day 6

Friday is the star day, canyoning day. Equipped with helmets and wetsuits we spend the morning in the cold waters of the La Vansa river, taking leaps, submerging ourselves and going down the natural slides, a unique adventure that very few have experienced before. We have lunch under the trees in Parc del Segre and we visit the Romanesque cathedral of La Seu d’Urgell. The day doesn’t end here, today the night game at the campsite will consist of hiding ourselves looking for the best option to get the flag.

Day 7

It’s the last day, and that’s why it’s the most light day. All of the camps distribute ourselves in groups to do a raid: archery, orientation, BTT… We share the last moments together. After eating lunch the families start to arrive. An emotional rollercoaster: happy to see our families again and sad to have to say goodbye to the many friends made up here between pine trees and sunsets. Moments of hugs, tears, and the exchange of phone numbers. Until next summer!