Discover the Cerdanya Valley by orienteering, hiking, river trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, obstacle course in Puigcerdà and community services.

Connect with nature, with new friends and with yourself by discovering the most hidden corners of the mountains and forests of la Cerdanya. Explore the natural richness of the Pyrenees with all five senses, experience different adventures every day. Are you ready to join us?


From 10 to 12 years old


7/10* *We work to make it accessible to everyone. More information FAQs


per week


23rd to 29th June
  • Availability: 12 spots
30th June to 6th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
7th to 13th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
14th to 20th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
21st to 27th July
  • Availability: 0 spots
28th July to 3rd August
  • Availability: 4 spots



Do you want to know everything we will do during the summer camp? This is the schedule we have designed for your camp week:


General material needed for the camp:

  • T-shirt (5) + shorts (2) + socks (5)
  • Long sleeve thermal t-shirt + long thermal tights + long socks + winter hat
  • Long sleeve sweatshirt + long pants (2)
  • Raincoat + fleece liner + anorak (coat) for mountain excursions
  • Sneakers with mountain sole (2)
  • Swimsuit + flip flops + towel
  • Cap + sunscreen + lip balm + water bottle
  • Torch (flashlight) or headlamp
  • Pajamas + sleeping mat + sleeping bag comfort temperature 0ºC
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste + shower soap + comb

Specific material for the Junior Adventure camp:

  • Backpack 20-30L for day trips
  • Mountain bike + helmet + spare bicycle camera + bike water bottle

* It is recommended to bring everything marked with the name of the participant.

* Participants staying in 2 or more camps have free laundry service.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING GAME CONSOLES, MOBILE PHONES, OR TABLETS DURING THE SUMMER CAMPS. If you arrive by train or plane and bring a mobile phone to facilitate logistics, it will be stored at the office upon arrival at the camp.

If you lack any equipment you can use our rental service and will be ready for your arrival.



– Full board accommodation, from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day

– Internal trips with Pyrene’s vehicles as well as external taxi services for activities that require it

– Specific materials to participate in the activities (except bicycle)

– Monitoring 24 hours a day

– Compulsory accident insurance and liability insurance


Day 1

New faces at 1,900 meters high… Some have come by car, others by train to Puigcerdà, and we have even gone to pick up some from the airport! Wether you are with friends, siblings, cousins, or alone, everyone starts their adventure today. The majority will be here for a week, and the more daring will be here for two in two different camps. We get situated and place ourselves in groups. Following introductions with some games, we sort out living spaces. Where are the showers? Who sleeps on the top bunk of the bunk bed? Soon it’s time for supper, where traditional galets soup is served. Delicious!

Day 2

We wake up bright and early for our first full day of camp. Right away the campers crowd together in front of the board to see what activities we will do today. In the morning, an orientation race around the campsite, and in the afternoon Horse Riding around the campsite. What a nice views from here! After dinner, night gymkhana (field day). Careful, it’s cold! Jackets zipped up all the way!

Day 3

Ready, steady, go! We have breakfast outside in the sunshine with the grass beneath our feet. There’s something for everyone: cereals, cold cuts (turkey, ham, etc.), jam, juice, chocolate milk, fruit, bread, milk… We grab our mountain bikes and we ride as far as the eye can see. The views from the top are amazing and the downhill through the woods is the best reward after a hard ride. What a luxurious day filled with beautiful landscapes and experiences.

Day 4

Today we wake up early. All of the camps’ participants will share the path to els Estanys de la Pera on foot, by bike, or on horseback. When we arrive, the brave campers take a dip in the lake to relieve themselves of the heat. Afterwards, we continue on to touch the clouds at Perafita mountain peak (2,752 meters). What a day, with 900 meters of accumulated incline from the campsite. At night, an outdoor cinema with a big serving of popcorn in hand!

Day 5

Good morning, sleepyheads! A morning of Community Services… In Arànser, someone needs help with the garden. On the way to the town we repaint the path marks and we stop at a fountain to clean it and fix the wall.The afternoon won’t be short either, the Escape Wood is full of challenges and surprises. Today we really do need a good, hot shower. The solar panels work at full force.

Day 6

Friday is a special day, we take backpacks, bathing suits and towels and start the excursion to the Querol River, the protagonist of the day. We spent the morning walking around it, bathing in its waters and splashing in the pools we came across. The final test will be to build a raid and go down the river, where will we arrived? Let’s eat tupper near the river while some make dams and natural baths.  After eating we continued walking to Puigcerdà where we spent the afternoon doing a gimkana around the old town and the lake with its ducks and swans. But the day does not end here, today the Talent Show and the disco put an end to this magical week in the middle of the forest.

Day 7

It’s the last day, and sadly the shortest day. All of the campers organize themselves into groups to do a raid: archery, orientation, BTT… We share our last moments of camp together. At midday the families start to arrive. An emotional rollercoaster: as campers are happy to see their families again, but sad to have to say goodbye to the many friends they have made here between the pine trees and sunsets. There are hugs, tears and phone numbers are exchanged. Until next summer!