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Dia de retrobaments, els de Big Bike i Wild Adventure hem tornat de fer una nit a fora. Hem canviat el campament per un autèntic refugi de muntanya.


“Sleeping in a tent with 14 other peopole isn’t really to my taste, but going up to the mountain with the freezing wind and incredible views were worth it. – Asha-


“In the last two days we went to the Puigpedrós and we slept in a refuge. It was really fun and amazing but also very hard. We started walking at half past three and we took a brake in the refuge of La Feixa. We continued and we arrived at another refuge. After that we were walking up one of the most hard up hills. Finally we arrived at the top of Puigpedrós and we went to a refuge to sleep there. Some people were doing bivac, but at midnight it started raining. In the morning we got up and we walked to the base camp. We liked this a lot. If we had the oportunity of repeating that, we will do it because a part of being hard days, they have been really good days.” – Gisela Sánchez and Daniela Prat-


“Wednesday we walked for 7 hours to finally reach the refuge, at least, it was warm enough to sleep without wearing the jacket. The Thursday was more easy, we only walked for more or less 4 hour, until finally reaching our camp. At the end, was really exhausted, but think that it was totally worth it.”- Simón Riera-


“The last two days were very good, we went to Puigpedrós. I liked this because the views were beautiful, but the time we were walking was a little bit boring.” – Arnau Torrents-


D’altra banda Aventura Júnior hem fet una gimkana que ens ha deixat ben bruts, sort que després ens hem pogut ensabonar bé fent la cursa de pingüins!


Els d’Equitació Perfeccionament hem muntat a pèl, quina sensació més agradable notar el moviment i el cos d’aquests magnífics animals.


I els Minairons hem estat jugant a la muntanya, més a la muntanya que la muntanya que tenim al campament volem dir. I hem intentat sobrepassar la barrera del so, no ens heu sentit com cridàvem? Ho tornarem a intentar…

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